Bonus Points for Bonus Rooms: 8 Ways to Make Buyers Fall in Love With Your Flex Space

Home buyers love to get the most space for their money. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 66% of millennials cite more living space as the No. 1 reason for buying a house. So if you’re selling a home with a bonus bedroom, a finished basement, or an extra-large landing on the second floor that could be used for something, you’re adding a lot of extra value.

1. Avoid giving rooms a split personality

2. Get physical with a yoga studio or gym

3. Consider getting crafty

4. Gear up for a gaming room

5. Trick out an office with awesome storage

6. Create a dream closet and dressing room

7. Don’t forget the Big D’s: Declutter and depersonalize

8. Downsizing? Stage your space authentically