10 Minimalist Choices That Will Bring Calm to Your Bathroom

Whether you have a “less is more” or “more is more” philosophy toward decor, the bathroom is a good spot to borrow from a minimalist’s bag of tricks. These include the simple lines, monochromatic schemes and lack of visual clutter conducive to a clean, calm atmosphere — perfect for a long soak, relaxing shower or less hectic-feeling morning routine. Here are 10 minimalist features that can make your bathroom feel tranquil and inviting.
1. Monochromatic Color Scheme
2. Single Metal Finish
3. Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure
4. Wall-Mounted Vanity
5. Wall-Mounted Toilet
6. Waterfall Countertop
7. Extended Backsplash
8. Unadorned Mirror
9. Integrated Lighting
10. Symmetry