Ready for spring cleaning but don't know where to start? Use this handy list: 

Take Our Seven-Day Cleaning Challenge!
Start by removing obvious garbage from your space—last night's coffee cup, that half-eaten bag of Cheetos, the photo of your ex-partner, etc. To make things easier, have large garbage bags and recycling bins handy—you're more likely to toss things away if bins are easily accessible—and be sure to stock up your arsenal of cleaning products. There are a number of environmentally-conscious products out there if you're concerned about harsh chemicals and your impact on the planet.Ready, set, go!
DAY 1: Bedroom closet 
DAY 2: Bedroom
DAY 3: Living room 
DAY 4: Kitchen 
DAY 5: Washrooms, corridors and crannies 
DAY 6: Garage and windows 
DAY 7: Reap the rewards