7 Tips to Help You Love Your Laundry Room

Laundry—love it or hate it, we all spend time separating, folding, ironing and scrubbing. Although the laundry room is a space we use regularly, it’s often not given the same attention as other rooms in the home. Whether it’s a tiny space in a tucked away corner, a dedicated room or anything in between, there are plenty of simple ways to turn your laundry room into a space that’s functional, enjoyable and even Instagram-worthy. From a total overhaul to a few simple DIYs, take a few tips from our suggestions below and turn your laundry room into a space you love. 
1. Define the space with paint or wall decals 
2. Get organized with containers
3. Add open storage shelves 
4. Raise your washer and dryer 
5. Add a foldable or drop-down drying rack 
6. Add a folding station 
7. Consider smart appliances