July 2018

Wash Dishes, Sweep Floors: Housework as a Meditation Opportunity

Posted on Jul 30, 2018 in Home Advice

You may have heard about the health benefits of staying in the moment. Here’s how to de-stress through housekeeping.

Chores as Mindfulness Meditation
1. Wiping the counters and stove.
2. Making your bed. 
3. Washing dishes.
4. Sweeping, mopping or dusting.
5. Caring for plants. 
6. Hanging up laundry to dry.
7. Folding laundry.
How to Begin Mindful Housekeepi...

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The First Home Checklist: Things to Buy Now, Things to Buy Later

Posted on Jul 24, 2018 in Home Advice

Here, the things you can shop around for, and others you should consider picking up before moving in.
Things to buy now:
Window Treatments
Kitchen Basics
Personal Touches
Bathroom essentials
Things to buy later:
Area Rugs
Accent Tables
Serving Dishes

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The 10 Most Popular New Bathrooms

Posted on Jul 24, 2018 in Home Design Ideas

Furniture turned into vanities and floor tiles resembling rugs are among the highlights of these popular bathrooms.

10. Vintage appeal.
9. Rustic radiance.
8. Wavy wonder.
7. Pebbled perfection.
6. Classic cool.
5. Showcase style.
4. Tantalizing tile.
3. Rock-hard rug. 
2. Sophisticated gray. 
1. Customized champion.
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3 Packing Mistakes Professionals See Over and Over

Posted on Jul 13, 2018 in Home Advice

"Sometimes people will complain and not tip the guys because it took so long," says Cezar Iordan, owner of Moovers Chicago, "They don't realize that it took so long because of the simple mistakes they made."
Packing Books in Large Boxes
Not Labeling Your Boxes Clearly or Correctly
Not Packing Your Fragile Items Properly

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9 (Totally-DIYable) Kitchen Ideas That’ll Get Insta-Love

Posted on Jul 10, 2018 in DIY

Let these nine stylish (and doable!) ideas serve as your inspiration for a kitchen that’s more “you” this year.
#1 Go Retro
#2 Opt for Slide-Out Shelves
#3 Use the Inside of a Cabinet Door for Storage
#4 Wallpaper the Inside of Your Cabinets
#5 Add Colorful Knobs
#6 Switch to Sleek, Long-Handled Cabinet Hardware
#7 Maximize Your Storage Space
#8 Put Spices...

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Just Listed in Belcarra!! 

Posted on Jul 09, 2018 in New Listing


The Point at Turtlehead

Capturing the essence of Belcarra, nestled between forest and sea, this one-of a-kind 20,484 sq ft lot offers privacy, beach access and an incredible dock. This sun-drenched point enjoys south-east to south-west panoramic views, where you will experi...

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